Beginners often wonder where to start in learning all about witchcraft spells. Never fear, this handy little guide will give you some pointers on where to start. Plus, some of the best practices to have in mind when discovering witchcraft.

Do Your Homework:

Witchcraft Spells have a long history throughout the world. There are many others who came before. Spending some time reading and studying about witchcraft will bring you greater insight into the practice. With so much to learn it can be overwhelming. Take your time, and pick up any book that attracts. Start leaning as much as you can. Taking it one step at a time.

Manifest Your Intention:

Have strong intention is fundamental in witchcraft spells. This will be the driving force that guides the change you desire. You must believe in your own will. Focus on positive thoughts, and describe exactly how the change will look and feel. You’ll need to really channel all your intention into everything that you do. This can be difficult to adjust to, so don’t be discouraged starting out.

Prepare Your Spells Carefully:

Come with a plan of action, and be ready to execute it exactly as intended. Many Witchcraft spells require precise ritual actions and components. If you are not ready, you are sure to make a mistake. Gather everything you need first, and walk yourself through the process. This way you won’t second guess yourself when the time comes.

Keep Practicing!

Diligence is the hallmark of a great witch. Learning spells requires patience and continued practice. You won’t be perfect the first time around, and that is okay. Stay with it, and don’t hesitate to try new things. Just remember to study hard, focus on intention, and be prepared. When it comes to tools and more, worry about that stuff later. Figure out the basics first. Even though you have much to learn, you are sure to do great if you believe!

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