Those of us that practice Voodoo magic follow a single deity. Bondye is the supreme being that is the source of all power and energy in the universe. The origin of Voodoo comes from Africa, and is closely related to the practices of shamans.

The Source of Spells:

The Lwa, or spirits, that Voodoo followers interact with allow for the use of spells. This happens through favors given by the spirits, causing changes to elements of life like nature and love. A priest or priestess will offer a trade of energy to invoke the power of spirts. The power expended by the spirt must be met with an equal amount of energy in order to perform the spell.

Lwa to Help with Love Spells:

There are three prominent spirits that are capable of helping you with Voodoo love spells. Erzulie, Papa Legba, and Damballah Wedo. Each one has their own unique gifts.

Erzulie provides sources to beauty, happiness and love. Through Erzulie you can experience new found strength to find love in your life.

Papa Legba is capable of helping you through the most difficult of life’s challenges. His help can overcome whatever is deterring you from experience the love that you desire.

Finally, Damballah Wedo gives you the blessing of removing the negative sources of energy from your life. This means anything that harms your love life can be removed entirely.

How the Love Spell Works:

The Voodoo love spell can be channeled through a physical object. Most often, it will be an item given to the target of the spell. Usually something worn, or a potion of sorts. Depending on the spell and the spirt, it could involve the user to channel the Lwa. Entering into a powerful trance to complete the ritual. An item of the target should be present to more effectively channel the right energy.

The elements needed in the ritual can vary. Each circumstance is different in nature, but the basics we have discussed here all apply to love spells.

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