Voodoo revenge spells are a practice used to enact negative effects on the target. Those who practice Voodoo are not concerned with motive. No limit is placed on what the results of a spell will be. Good, bad, helpful, or harmful, Voodoo users focus on the outcome. Not so much the morality or intension.

Voodoo Dolls:

A Voodoo doll is a common tool used in spells. It is scene frequently in movies and other media as a way to harm someone indirectly. That is not quite right though. Voodoo dolls can be used for revenge spells. The spell uses the doll as a means to focus your intent on the target.

This can be a form of payback, but actually Voodoo dolls are used in other spells as well. This includes love spells, truth spells, and healing applications. Really a Voodoo doll is a tool to empower a spell. So, it can be used for revenge. But the sole purpose is not to injure someone with pins, like the stereotype.

Signs of a Revenge Spell:

Sometimes you may be the target of a revenge spell. If you start to experience major changes in your wellbeing, this could be the symptoms of a spell. What you’ll notice right away, are increases in mental fatigue, depression, and tiredness. The effects will grow with time and physical changes can result as well. Most commonly this will be changes in your physical health, a sense of crushing weight, or severe appetite. Unexpected loss or injury will occur. Causing you more suffering as you lose things without explanation.

The main goal of a revenge spell is to enact suffering on the target. It can take the form of many terrible symptoms. Sometimes just one or two, but possibly all the things we listed above. Understanding revenge spells can keep you aware of the signs and stay safe. It also can give you the ability to enact your own revenge spells as a counter measure.

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