Love is a powerful influence. It is no wonder that we find the promise of love spells so alluring. They are a powerful tool in the world of witchcraft. You can find use for them in many areas of your life. But depending on your goal, you’ll need the right type of love spell.

Guide to Love Spells:

A love spell focuses on bringing you a serious relationship. There are other similar spells in this area. Other types include lost love spells, that help you rekindle romance. Or lust spells, as the name implies, help bring you pure passion. Friendship spells help build a different kind of love in your life. If needed, you can even find spells to stop love altogether, or cause a break up.

Methods for Love Spells:

You can use a variety of methods when it comes to love magic. Witches can use potions, oils, and fragrances to enhance their love life. The easiest of actual spells only requires a few items. You should have no trouble finding these everyday things. Then, all you need to do is follow the methods of the ritual.

A quick example: take a bird feather, rosemary, and a ribbon that is pink. Tie the rosemary to the feather with the ribbon to create your spell charm. Then hang it inside your room on the door handle. Remember to touch it each time you leave to draw new love to you.

Of course, if you prefer you can try more “advanced” love spells. These require much more ingredients. The real difficulty is the dedication. You have to do everything precisely. And often you’ll need to repeat certain rituals over time, or even every day. These have a better chance of bringing you the love you seek, but as you can tell, not quite as easy as a simple charm!

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