Those less experienced with witchcraft will probably wonder if they are using love spells that work. Well, determining the success of a spell is tricky. Everyone’s situation is unique, and while the intention of certain spells is universal, the results are certainly not. With this guide, we will look at clues to watch for after using a love spell. Any love spells that work will most likely display some, if not all of the following characteristics.

Luck or Fate?

After you have performed a love spell, there is a good chance you’ll start running into a series of “coincidences.” Lots of events that seem to good to be true is a strong sign of a successful spell. A singular extraordinary event may just be luck. But after so many, can you really chalk it up to just luck?

Look for ways you and the target of your love spell interact unexpectedly. If you hone your perception, you might be surprised just how much you start to notice. The signs can come in small ways, and big events. Sometimes indirectly through different mediums.

New-Found Emotions:

The spell will bring about strong feelings in the subject. Feelings of happiness and love, that will develop over time. When you cast a spell on someone else, the effect can manifest within you as well. If you notice a new-found growth in your feelings, or find your target constantly occupying your thoughts more than usual, this is another indicator of success.

Be sure to watch how they respond to you. But look for signs within yourself as well to know if you have a love spell that works.

Use Your Tools:

Take advantage of divination to get a better read on the effectiveness of your spell. You can do this yourself, or reach out to someone who is experienced in such methods. Also pay attention to lunar cycles. They have a strong influence on the timing and strength of spells. Patience is key in these situations. Don’t be discouraged early on, and watch for all these signs closely.

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