Lost love spells are a type of love spell with a focus on getting back something you once had. They key is that something must have happened to hinder your relationship. This is a little different from a spell focused on getting someone back into your life from a breakup. There are other spells designed for those situations. Typically, they are best used for when something goes very wrong and the relationship completely ends.

With lost love spells, the focus is on rekindling the relationship. When something happens in your life that causes you to lose love, not by choice, that is when you’ll need these spells. For context, it could be because of long distance, too much time apart, or anything else that would cause you to lose sight of love.

Lost love spells can work for romantic partners, friends, and family. Anyone who you need to reconnect with can be influenced by a lost love spell. Even when you have no idea where that person might be. These spells can guide you to them, or bring them to you.

Simple Spell Example:

When you are ready to bring that loved one back into your life, you can try this beginner lost love spell.

You’ll need the following components to perform this spell. Frankincense, rose, and sandalwood. A flower, which in the best case should be a fresh rose. Although this is not a strict requirement. Finally, a single pink candle.

You must be in moonlight to perform this spell. Light your incense and candle. Focus your thoughts and personify your success in the image of the incense rising with the smoke. Ask the energy of the universe to bring this loved one back to you. Leave your items to finish burning, and hold this feeling in your heart. If you never let go of this hope, you are sure to see the one you lost come back into your life.

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