Voodoo magic is commonly associated with evil, and misunderstood completely. Particularly in western culture. With traditional witchcraft, there is less of an association to religion and faith. General magic has no exact worship in its practice. Nature is a big component of witchcraft, and the main focus from where energy is drawn. Spells are derived from various elements that we find in the earth.

With Voodoo magic, the spiritual elements are much more prominent. What most people miss is that Voodoo is really a religious belief. Media and entertainment have often betrayed Voodoo magic as evil powers wielded by nefarious sorcerers. They completely leave out the foundation that is the religion founded by their god and spirits.

History of Voodoo dates back many years, and seems to have originated in Africa. The Caribbean eventually was exposed to Voodoo, and is common in Haiti and Cuba.

What Does Voodoo Look Like?

Voodoo spells often involve many forms of rituals. It is more commonly performed in groups with physical components, sacrifices, and channeling of the spirits.

Like witchcraft, there are similar spells like love spells in Voodoo. Along with many others like health, money, or protection spells.

Most people have heard of Voodoo dolls. This is one component that movies didn’t completely get wrong.

Is Voodoo Black Magic?

No, Voodoo Magic is not the same as black magic. While there is debate over the meaning of black magic as well, what people mean is “evil” or “sinister” magic. This is not really the case with Voodoo magic.

Yes, there are more negative aspects. Voodoo does not focus on good and evil, but also does not concern itself with only doing good. For example, Voodoo revenge spells are intended to punish those who wrong you. This is different from traditional witchcraft spells that focus more on bringing positive experiences to the user. Voodoo magic can bring both positive and negative effects.

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