Magic based around color has become popularized in modern times. Many will tell you that the difference between white and black magic is not really important. Or that there really isn’t a difference. Magic is magic, regardless of color.

When referring to black magic, most users familiar with witchcraft actually mean spells that try to influence others. They often involve fighting, combating free will, or other more dangerous elements. As you can imagine, a spell that deals with love probably isn’t consider black magic. But on the other hand, some love spells are meant to break up love all together. Is it fair to call this black magic?

Now you can see the dilemma. The definitions aren’t incredibly strict in some cases. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different response.

Regardless, if you choose to dabble in black magic, always do so with the upmost caution. If things go wrong, you could put yourself or others a great risk. The forces that deal with this kind of magic are some of the most powerful to be found.

Attributes of Black Magic:

There are various categories of black magic, and their nature differs from white magic in important ways. Love based spells can greatly influence the feelings of others. Revenge spells can focus in on harmful energy towards other, as opposed to repelling it. Success spells can be even more focused compared to their white spell counter-parts. Giving you the opportunity to name exactly what you desire most.

Given the powerful nature of black magic, you’ll want to know the ways to protect yourself as well. Various hexes caused by black magic can be reversed also through the use of black magic. Be careful of sudden and unexplainable aliments. You may be the target of a black spell!

When dealing with black magic, always look for guidance from those with experience. Lest you loose control of the powerful nature of such spells.

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